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Monday, August 13, 2012

Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay was amazing, a home away from home.  Mark and Cynthia have created an amazing place for boaters.

I ended up anchored out just off the government dock. Before I even made it to shore I was greeted by a wonderful woman named Sunny. She brought me a little gift bag of some fruit and chocolate.  We ended up talking about my trip and theirs.  I found out that they had been cruising between Vancouver and Alaska for the last few years.  Later, charts were pulled out and they showed me their favorite anchoring spots and a couple of hints about ways around more challenging spots in my trip.

After meeting with Sunny and Bob I wandered up the dock to explore.  Wow, the place is great. They have a little pub with a deck that looks up Phillip's Arm:

Behind the pub is a cute little garden.  I ended up doing some weeding. :D  Has been a while since I did that.  They also have chickens... fresh eggs.  I ended up with 6. I am definitely sending some seeds to Cynthia once I get home.

That night the Go Fish game of all games happened. :)  Thanks to AJ, Jonathan and Jessica.  It was a blast.

The next night was Pizza Night.  I was so there.  A woodfired pizza oven in the middle of nowhere. Major happiness.  Things got a little interesting at the end with one boat's bow anchor dragging... but that was easily taken care of.  Ended up chatting late into evening with a kayaker.  Which lead to the next little adventure.

Boat wrens?

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  1. Barn Swallows! Handsome! Or perhaps, Boat Swallows...