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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Hitchhiker

I now know that you can fit a 17 ft kayak on a 27 ft sailboat.

After chatting at Shoal Bay and discussing how we each did the rapids, Louis asked if he could hitch a ride through the Greene Point whirlpool and get dropped off at Havana Channel.  I thought it would be nice to have some company, so a plan was hatched.  The next morning we loaded his kayak onto my boat. It went from bow to the aft part of my cabin.

Made tacking a little interesting in light air, which unfortuately is what happened.  I think that unless it is blowing over 40 kts I will take Mayne Passage instead of Greene Pt and Whirlpool.

Because of the timing of the tides I didn't clear Greene Pt until 730pm which made for a very late night. Finally dropped anchor near Whirlpool around 130am. Set the alarm to wake up to get the early ebb.  The alarm went off and, well, I decided that we were not going anywhere.
All I could see was the shore about 30ft away everything else was fog.  Not even I am crazy enough to go through a rapid in the fog (or at night).  So back to sleep.  Eventually the fog lifted but now we were tide locked, so had to wait til 8pm for the tide (especially since there was no wind).

We ended up playing a couple of games of cribbage (tied at 3 games apiece) and watching a dolphin with a baby dolphin.  Sadly they stayed just outside of the range of my camera.

Finally cleared the last rapid and dropped anchor for the night since there was no wind.

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