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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hanson's Landing, Cortes Island

The sail from Savory Island was slow, so very slow. I only made 8 miles in close to 15 hours. Blahh. At one point I saw a thunderstorm forming off to the west and all I could think was that I would get some wind if it managed to get to me.  Sadly it was not to be. I finally made it to Smelt Bay around midnight. Decided to crash out for a few hours.  Popped up in the morning and moved the last little bit to Hanson's Landing.

What a great place to anchor.  Close to civilization (a grocery and a coffee shop), a freshwater lake to swim in, and the Gorge is only a short paddle away. All of that was nothing compared to the joy that Niaomio and Eric gave me.

They invited me over for a drink.  The usual sailing stories came out and fun was had.  One of the stories was about their outrigger canoe and a baby seal.  Oh man, those pictures were so cute!  Their friend had managed to get a series of the little guy yawning.  Major envy.  The next morning I had decided to paddle to Gorge.  I made a slight detour past their boat, and lo and behold...

I want one.

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