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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sailing to Port Hardy

Yesterday was a long one. I sailed from Lizard Point on Malcom Island to Port Hardy (with the way I sail just under 50miles).

The day started off with light air and sadly negative current. I decided to risk it anyways. Lots of short tacking the shore and only making an inch or two forward but better than sitting at anchor.

Finally the current turned. It wasn't much but at least I was making a knot forward. Got to Bere Point and still no Orca. I have seen more cruise ships than I have seen than I have seen whales.

At least by that point the wind had built so time to sail. I decided then to go for the late night so I would definitely go on to Port Hardy. I just wasn't thinking it would be as late night as it ended up being.

I finally dropped anchor at 4am. Before that I got to watching shooting stars for a couple of hours. I also got to watch salmon shoot around my boat in the phorescene. It was amazing.

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