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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phrog Gin

Hitchhiking makes for such interesting adventures.

I ended up hopping a ferry from Hornby Island to Denman Island.  As I was coming back I got picked up by this cool lady.  We ended up chatting about why she was there.  She was an engineer for BC ferries and had been doing an inventory of equipment on an assortment of their boats.  Which was a cool conversation in and of itself. 

But then she mentioned that one of her old Masters who had retired was distilling Gin on Hornby.  Needless to say I said that if she would take me I would LOVE to see this place. 

This is the amazing still that they are using.  Serious amounts of happiness.

We ended up talking random boats (including that his son was off doing the PacifiCup) and drinking gin for over three hours.  :)   

I ended up with a nice bottle of the gin.  Going to try and save some for back in Seattle....well either that or I will need to sail over there again. 

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