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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragging Anchor

Well it finally happened.  I drug anchor yesterday and to top it off it happened when I wasn't at the boat.  Of course.  Nothing like running some errands and coming back to your boat gone. 

I had taken the little foot ferry into town from Newcastle Island.  As I am waiting to go back I did a quick scan to check on my boat.  Gone.  At first I thought that another boat had anchored between me and my boat.  Further searching showed that wasn't right.  So I started looking farther out.  Way down the bay I found my boat. About 100 meters away from the bouy marking the shoal.  Serious amounts of unhappiness. 

I final got to my kayak at Newcastle and started rowing as quickly as I could to Whisper.  By the time I got there the Port Authority was on the scene and had tied to me.  Luckily they were very nice people.  No lecturing, well except telling me I might need a larger anchor.  They offered to tow me back to the mooring field.  I decided that the marina was going to a better place (had already been planning on moving that evening when the wind died down).  So time to pull up my anchor.  I think at this point the PA might have revised the need for a larger anchor.  She had bit in very well.  With the engine on the PA boat breaking the anchor free was easier than normal but still a bit of work. 

The PA delivered me to the end of the long dock and the wonderful older gentlemen that were at the dock offered me a Gin and Tonic.  Just what I needed.  

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