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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bedwell to Village Bay, Mayne

Had a lovely sail yesterday from Bedwell Harbor South Pender Island to Village Bay, Mayne Island. Only minimal rowing needed, which is always a great day. Managed to eat most of a bag of cherries.  Nothing like sunshine and ice cold cherries. 

At one point I was passed by the huge private power boat. From over a half mile out he decided I was in the way and decided he had to give me five horns. The funny thing for me was that I am pretty sure that he uses more power in a minute that I use in an entire day. :P

Today I will be exploring Mayne Island. Hitched a ride with a woman that lives on the island here. She is a photographer and painter. The cool thing was that I had picked up an island map that had her photographs in it.

My friends Phil and Shana are coming over on the ferry from Vancouver to have dinner with me. :)  I have promised that I will sail to Vancouver next year so they don't have to ferry to me.  But since they will be on the later ferry I am going exploring.  According to the map there is a produce/farm stand on island.  Time to find out what is in season up here.  Hoping for some berries.   

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